Therapeutic Philosophy & Values

Person-Centered – I focus on the person and their strengths, then tailor therapy to their specific needs and aspirations.

Individualized – Allows therapy to be unique to each person, just as each person has their own unique life experiences.

Supportive – Allows therapist and client to form an alliance to alleviate symptoms, improve self-esteem, and cope with life challenges & stress.

Accessible – I offer free consultations and telehealth where I provide free worksheets, articles, and visuals to help the client understand their symptoms & how to alleviate them.

Solution-Focused – A goal-oriented approach focusing on solutions and positive results rather than problems.

My Background & Experience

My Story

I have always been drawn to trauma and what it does to our lives, our emotions, and our quality of life.  I have had my own experiences with trauma, and this search has brought me some relief.  I want to do the same for others so that they can achieve their goals and not be held back and “stuck.”

My Background

  • Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh
  • 9 years of clinical experience
  • EMDR trained and working toward certification
  • Specialized experience in trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues
  • Additional experience helping adults through academic and professional struggles

For more information, check out my Psychology Today profile.

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